Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The green are 5-6 in their last 11 games and have only scored over 100 points once. That one time last night in a loss to the Pacers. Rajon Rondo and Doc Rivers have been going at it according to some reports. Rondo wants to run fewer plays that they execute better and Rivers believes he is the coach and may do as he pleases. After the loss to Charlotte last Friday night, in the press conference Rivers was caught saying "he" was selfish, "he" would not listen, "he" wants to do what he wants and much of the media is translating that "he" into Rondo. He did not play in Minnesota and many believe it was a benching where Rivers says it is to rest his sprained pinkie.
The offense does not look great. The bench is struggling as of late. The lack of a big man is catching up as well. With Jermaine and Shaq coming back, I believe it is a good thing and a bad thing. They certainly need the bodies, but trying things out and getting your stamina back at the end of March can slow down the entire team. The talent this bench has with names such as Delonte West, Troy Murphy, Jeff Green, Big Baby, Carlos Arroyo- someone has to step it up and hold on to leads so the Celtics starters can get a blow.
In 2010, the Celtics coasted into the playoffs as a four seed and Celtics fans know the rest. The second half of the season they went 25-25, so hopefully it is a repeat performance just this time they hoist the trophy on Causeway Street.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


After much thinking about this subject, I really do think the Celtics need home court.  Sure, they need to be healthy, but I think if they go into Chicago, Miami, or Orlando for a game 7, trouble may ensue especially if it is a back-to-back.  The Celtics have lost their last five games on the back end of a back-to-back sequence.  Right now, they are beat up and are still holding to the one seed, but Chicago and Miami are knocking.  Chicago is for real and may cause match-up problems for the Cs.  Miami, we know their story. 

The Celtics do not worry me at all.  Rondo is slumping and they lost two or three, but as usual when it counts the Celtics will turn it on.  They will also get Shaq back, Jermaine, and Delonte.  I just want the Celtics to get healthy and maintain the one seed because if that holds true, I do not see them losing.  The Lakers will come out of the West because they are playing as good as anyone right now (10-1) since the All-Star break.  They may be too big for the Cs now that Perk is in OKC, but I like the Cs chances with the chemistry of Ray, Rondo, Pierce, KG, and Baby.  Krstic and Green are fitting in nicely as well.

The Celtics will be the team that comes out of the East.  I do believe it and I am still sticking to it.  There is too much depth on that team not to make a push for banner number 18.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


It has been over a week since the newly looked Celtics have gotten acquainted.  Since the trade, the Celtics are only 5-1.  That one loss, the day they traded Perkins, Nate, and the rest of the bench leaving the green to dress only eight players.  It was also a very emotional day for the Cs.

Earlier this week, Nate Robinson underwent knee surgery that will keep him out for another 4-6 weeks, Perk is out for another two, Erden hasn't played yet, so what is all the fuss with Danny's move?  Jeff Green and Nednad Krstic are becoming vital parts in this teams move towards banner 18.  Nenad is efficient and fitting into the offense well and Jeff Green versatility is just tough to stop.  With Baby out, Green is filling in nicely.  Two healthy players contributing on a nightly basis and Perk and Nate? Sitting in street clothes for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  There should not be any more questions about this move.  The Celtics still have three seven footers with Nenad and the O'Neals.  Troy Murphy gives them some length as well.

This team can score the basketball now.  Nenad never got looks in OKC because Durant and Westbrook were the first two options.  Jeff Green can beat you from the outside or he can post you down low.  Give Rondo the basketball and he will find anyone for an easy basket. 

The Celtics moved to 46-15 after their gutsy performance in Milwaukee which is good for the number one seed in the Eastern Conference and the second best record in the NBA, questions? I do not think so.  See you in the championship in June.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


There can be an argument for both of these pitchers to take the ball from manager Terry Francona on Opening Day, but Jon Lester deserves the honor for the first time in his career.  He went 19-9 last year sitting down 225 hitters.  He pitched 208 innings and clearly is the new workhorse for this staff.  Lester has been nothing short of remarkable in his short career and Tito should give him the chance on April 1st versus the Texas Rangers.  He may be a slow starter, but numbers do not lie.  This guy has a chance to win over 20 games this year with the lineup the Sox will put out everyday as well as the new and improved bullpen.  In his first 100 starts, Jon Lester is 61-25  with an ERA of 3.55, any questions? I did not think so.

Beckett has been the man for the Sox over the past couple of years, but injuries have plagued him.  He had a career worse ERA of over five last season and finished the season 6-6.  I still have confidence and Beckett and still think he has the ability to win 15 plus games, but I think it is Lester's staff now.  Beckett has that chip on his shoulder after last season which is not a good thing for the American League.  He is healthy and if he uses all of his pitches, he can be just as dangerous as Lester.  Lester is one of-if not the best left-hander in the game and deserves the nod on opening day.