Thursday, June 2, 2011


The Bruins did just about everything they could last night to keep the Canucks off the scoreboard until the final 18.5 seconds. Was Torres offsides? Who knows. Was Boychuk out of position? You really can't blame anyone at that point in the game. The Boston Bruins played one hell of a game on Wednesday night. Tim Thomas was spectacular but Roberto Luongo was just better.
The Bruins still had the problem of scoring on their power play, but they resilient Bs shut down Vancouver on the power play all night long. Who would have thought that after the Tampa Bay Lightning scored goal after goal on the power play? There has to be much positivity taken out of this game because I do not think the Canucks can play any better than they did. Timmy Thomas just shut down the powerhouse offense.
Another big component of this game is to see if Alex Burrows will be suspended for a game for biting Patrice Bergeron. Burrows is a major part of the Canucks offense as he plays along side the Sedin brothers. This would be a huge blow for the Canucks and should be looked at carefully by the league. It was a classless move that was uncalled for.
The Bruins will head into Saturday's game feeling good about themselves. They have come back from being down in series on the road all throughout the playoffs. One thing has to continue to get better and that is the power play. It was significantly better on Wednesday night because the Bs were throwing shot after shot on net getting great opportunities, Saturday night if those chances go in, the Bruins will not lose with the way the defense and Timmy Thomas are playing.

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